TikTok joins forces with AXS to sell live event tickets worldwide

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TikTok teams up with AXS to sell event tickets globally. Users can now buy tickets in the US, UK, Sweden, and Australia through the app's new feature.

As of April 16th, TikTok is teaming up with AXS to allow users in the US, UK, Sweden, and Australia to purchase concert tickets directly within the app.

This exciting feature brings the thrill of live music experiences even closer to fans. Imagine scrolling through your favorite artist's TikTok page and easily grabbing tickets to their upcoming show – all without leaving the app!

"TikTok is a hub for music discovery, connecting fans with their favorite artists," says Marc Ruxin, Chief Strategy Officer for AXS. "This partnership makes buying tickets to incredible live shows smoother than ever."

This isn't the first time TikTok has partnered with a ticketing giant. Similar to the existing feature with Ticketmaster, fans can now access AXS tickets for concerts, festivals, and major venues all within the familiar TikTok environment.


Image: TikTok

Music's influence on TikTok is undeniable. Artists have leveraged the platform to launch careers, revive old hits, and connect directly with their audience. Music executives recognize this power and are increasingly using TikTok as a key marketing tool.

However, the music industry relationship with TikTok isn't without its challenges. Negotiations are ongoing between TikTok and major record labels regarding artist compensation for music use on the platform. Additionally, political tensions concerning TikTok's ownership by a Chinese company add a layer of uncertainty to its future in the US.

Despite these complications, the partnership with AXS demonstrates TikTok's commitment to enhancing the music experience for both fans and artists.

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