Google Photos introduces AI-powered editing features for all users without charge

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Google Photos upgrades editing with Magic Editor and Magic Eraser, now available to everyone for free.

As of April 10th, features previously exclusive to Pixel phones and premium plans are becoming available to all Google Photos users on May 15th.

This exciting update includes popular tools like Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted objects from your photos, and Photo Unblur, which sharpens blurry photos using machine learning. You'll also gain access to Portrait Light, allowing you to adjust lighting effects even after taking the photo.

Previously, these features were a selling point for Pixel phones and Google One subscriptions. However, with the growing popularity of AI editing tools, Google is making them free for everyone.

Here's what you need to know:
  • The rollout will take place gradually over a few weeks starting May 15th.
  • There are some minimum device requirements to utilize these features. Check Google's website for details on compatibility.
  • The impressive Magic Editor deserves special mention. This tool allows for complex edits like filling in gaps, repositioning subjects, and changing backgrounds. Imagine turning a cloudy sky vibrant blue, or removing photobombers with ease!


Image: Google

Previously, achieving these edits required separate tools like Magic Eraser or professional software like Photoshop. Now, Google's AI does the heavy lifting for you.

While Magic Editor access is unlimited for Pixel users, free users on iOS and Android will have a limit of 10 edits per month. For more edits, a Google One Premium plan (2TB storage or higher) is required.

The good news keeps coming! Other tools like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and various editing effects will be available to all Google Photos users, regardless of subscription status. This includes features like Sky suggestions for adjusting the sky, Color Pop to highlight specific colors, and tools for adding HDR effects, blurs, and light adjustments to both photos and videos.

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