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Unrealistic Expectations

48% of businesses say unrealistic expectations are the #1 roadblock in product development


Communication Gaps

67% of Product Managers report significant communication breakdowns with their software engineers


Unclear Deliverables

42% of project leaders say undefined deliverables kept their product in a bind

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Decide what you want to spend each month

You decide how much you want to spend each month depending on how fast you want to go. If you need to slow down, the rates can be adjusted. If you want to scale up, we have room for that too. Each month, you tell us what your budget is and we’ll structure a team and a plan around it.

No big up front fees

Since we operate on a month-to-month basis, you’ll never pay a huge up-front fee. We do this for two reasons: (1) We don’t think you owe us 50% when we’ve only just begun the work, and (2) We can’t lock you into a static contract when the software development process is dynamic. Agility is key, so we take it step by step.

Cancel anytime

Software development is a human service, not a product. Each month, you make the choice to keep moving forward together. A successful partnership is vital to your product success, so we protect your agency to choose.

Pay as you go

Our month-to-month contracts give you freedom to get started quickly, scale up or down, and evolve your product with ease.

Talk to an engineer

We build a game plan with you

You don’t need technical know-how, you just need an idea and a budget. We know how to build software from concept to use. You know your market, your product, and your vision. We create a technical plan to match your idea and provide a clear path into fruition.

You know what to build, we know how to build it

Your product vision is crystal clear, but your comprehension of how the software gets built might be a little murky. We speak code, but we also speak problem-solving. We’ll partner with you as challenges arise to meet them with the appropriate technology at the right time.

Adaptability is key

The nature of technology is an ever-evolving one, and for that reason, things change. We understand the need for flexibility and work with you in every phase to scale in any direction to ensure the sustainable success of your product.

Your technical partner

Based on your requirements, we hand-select and match you with a Personal CTO to empower your project from start to finish. You don’t need technical know-how; that’s what we’re here for.

Match with a CTO

A specialized team of developers

A high-quality product begins with a high-quality team. Your team will be customized to your needs, so you’re ensured to work with the right people on the right technology at the right time.

Your Personal CTO

Having a Personal CTO embedded into your project is exactly what it sounds like. These software experts are committed to seeing your product through from concept to use, and are prepared to guide the way.

Band of Coders upper management

Even your Personal CTO has backup. Responsible for empowering these technical leaders to do what they do best is a vibrant support team at BoC headquarters. We aren’t a staffing agency, we are a full-service development shop where everyone in every department cares about how your project is coming along.

You'll have the right team

First we listen, then we find solutions. Once we understand your vision and product requirements, we assemble the right team for you.

+Need a Rescue Team? We know things don’t always go as planned. If you’re in product crisis, we can help.

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Scale in any direction

We have the quality of a boutique shop with the resources of a national establishment. Based on each project, our highly-vetted Personal CTO’s hand-select their dev teams from a pool of 400+ of the best American developers, managers, and architects.

Agile Methodology (SCRUM)

Agile methodology is an alternative to traditional project management styles like waterfall and sequential development. The Agile approach helps our teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback.

No project too complex

We have the necessary range for increasing in complexity over time. As your product grows, development does not get easier; it becomes more and more complex. We are prepared to grow with your product and supply the expertise required for each new stage.

Build exactly what you need

Once you’ve been assigned a CTO to fit your project needs, they curate the right development team from a highly-vetted selection of 400+ of the best software architects in the country.

Tell us what you need

Available. Reliable. Local.

Because they’re based in the US, your CTO always available to you. They work in a similar time zone, speak the same language (unless we’re talking code, because we speak more than English), and personally understand the market you’re in.

Clear and effective communication

We know the outcome of our efforts depends on the quality of our communication. We schedule regular meetings with you and your team to ensure the product is on track, and are meticulous about presenting important information to you so you can keep making great decisions.

Locally-grown quality expertise

We have high standards and a selective process when it comes to the team we’ve assembled. We check our work, stay up-to-date with evolving technologies, and only hire the best simply because we love working with the best.

Your hometown dev shop

We provide the best software experts North America has to offer. We keep things local so it’s easy to manage, logistically effective, and quality assured.

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    Consult with one of our software experts

    After an initial call, we'll connect you with a Personal CTO so you can chat with them directly to begin mapping your product development plan.

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    Agree on a plan and get rolling

    You'll communicate with your new technical partner until you reach an agreement that fits the job and then, the project begins.

  • 3

    Review progress and clarify next steps

    Stay in touch and review outcomes with your CTO each month so you can ensure the project never comes off track.

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