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How Can Band of Coders Help You?

  • Your Technical Partner

    We’re guessing you’re not a tech expert. Don’t worry. We’ll put together a winning team of engineers to build your product so you are free to focus on growing your business, making your customers happy, and ending world hunger.

  • You Drive the Budget

    You have a budget to stick to. We understand. To make sure the project stays on target, we’ll align our goals beforehand and meet regularly throughout development. You set the monthly budget, and you’re free to scale your spending up or down at any time.

  • Loyal to Your Vision

    This is your product. Your Mona Lisa. Your magnum opus. We get it.
    We believe in your vision and we’ll do all we can to help you achieve it. Instead of pointing out everything you’re doing wrong or only telling you what you can’t do, we’ll blaze new paths to realize your goal, showing the world just what can happen when coders and visionaries work together.



  • We are Collaborative - Band of Coders
  • Collaborative

    Our customers come first. In the spirit of true creativity and innovation, we value our differences, and we treat every idea and opinion with the respect it deserves.

  • We are Passionate - Band of Coders
  • Passionate
    Excellence is our goal. We’re here to create the ideal solution for your unique challenge, and we won’t rest until we’ve done just that.
  • We are Resilient - Band of Coders
  • Resilient
    We may be tech experts, but we don’t have the last word on everything. We listen to our clients, admit our limits, and own our mistakes. After each setback, we get up and try again, because we know that when our clients win, we win.

If you’re building custom software,
we want to meet you

First, you’ll talk with one of our CTOs to explore product options. Then you’ll set a budget, we’ll make a plan, and together we’ll kick off the first month. You set the budget monthly, which means you won’t pay an unreasonable upfront deposit before you even have a product. If the demands of your market or business change, we can pull in new talent from our network of over 400 engineers.

As soon as you’re ready, we’ll get started. You’re free to speed up, slow down, or press pause as needed. Whatever you decide, we’ll be here to take care of the technical side of your vision.

Budget is set monthly so you never have to pay an unreasonable up-front deposit for a product that doesn’t exist. We’re flexible with the changing demands of your market and business, and have over 400 engineers in the U.S. to pull from when you need new talent.

We can get started tomorrow. You’re free to speed up, slow down, walk away, and come back as you need. We know things change and technology is an investment. We’re here as your partners to govern the technical responsibilities attached to your vision.

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See what we’ve done for other business leaders like you

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As soon as you and your CTO hammer out a plan, the project begins. As development moves forward, you’ll receive regular status updates and monthly meeting invites to keep the project on track and within the budget you set.


Change the terms
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With a budget set monthly, you’ll pay as you go and eliminate any unreasonable up-front payments. If the demands of your market and business change, we’re happy to adjust, with hundreds of engineers to pull from. You’re free to speed up, slow down, upsize, downsize, or pause at any time.


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