TikTok broadens effect monetization for global creators

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TikTok opens Effect Creator Rewards to more countries and lowers the payout threshold, boosting opportunities for creators globally.

On March 12th, TikTok announced exciting updates to their Effect Creator Rewards program, making it easier than ever for talented effect makers to get rewarded for their work.

This program, launched in May 2023, lets creators earn money for the cool effects they design using TikTok's Effect House platform. Here's the good news: the program is expanding to a whopping 33 new regions, including Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa! This brings the total number of regions to 53, giving even more creators the chance to participate.

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But that's not all!  TikTok is also lowering the bar for creators to start earning rewards. Previously, an effect needed to be used in 200,000 videos within 90 days. Now, the threshold is just 100,000 videos! This is a significant improvement from the initial requirement of 500,000 videos, making it much easier for creators to see a return on their artistic efforts.

There is a slight change to the payout model, however.  Previously, both public and private video uses counted towards rewards. Now, only effects used in public videos are eligible. Don't worry, though! To compensate for this, TikTok is switching to a "revenue per mile" (RPM) model. This means your rewards will be based on the total number of people who use your effect in public videos during the first 90 days after publishing. The more public uses, the bigger the reward!

And the potential rewards are quite impressive! Since the program launched, some creators have raked in a whopping $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month! This update comes on the heels of TikTok's announcement about their revamped Creator Fund, which has increased creator earnings by over 250%!

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