The AI behind TikTok's songwriting: Is it a good idea?


TikTok, known for launching viral songs, is now experimenting with a feature that leverages AI to empower users' songwriting abilities. This new feature, aptly named AI Song, harnesses the capabilities of the large language model called Bloom. Users can craft song lyrics by entering text prompts within the app. Once the lyrics are ready, TikTok suggests employing AI Song to add accompanying sounds to the post, even permitting users to select the song's genre from options like pop, hip-hop, or EDM.

While AI Song is currently in the testing phase and not yet available to all users, early experiments with it have shown mixed results. Some TikTok users have tried their hand at AI Song with less-than-perfect outcomes. Despite the availability of vocal auto-tuning, certain songs still exhibited issues with tune accuracy. For example, one TikTok user, Jonah Manzano, created a song that strangely tried to make the word "comedy" have more syllables than necessary. Another user, Kristi Leilani, recreated a Britney Spears song, yet her rendition featured significantly out-of-tune vocals.

It's worth noting that AI-generated songs are not entirely new to TikTok. The platform has witnessed the virality of AI-generated tracks, such as the famous AI Drake and The Weeknd collaboration titled "Heart on My Sleeve." Even Bad Bunny expressed criticism when people began enjoying an AI sound-alike posted on TikTok.

TikTok is not alone in embracing generative AI features for its user base. Platforms like YouTube have also ventured into the realm of music creation through AI. YouTube's feature, known as Dream Track, enables users to create songs from either text prompts or hummed tunes, offering 30-second snippets in the style of popular artists.

In a bid to foster transparency, TikTok has rolled out additional features to help users identify AI-generated content within the app. Furthermore, TikTok has updated its rules to ensure that users explicitly disclose when AI is used in their content.

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