Instagram and Facebook tighten security, limit stranger messaging for minors

Image:  Dima Solomon
Meta is taking steps to enhance the safety of minors on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The company has introduced changes aimed at protecting young users from unwanted online contact while empowering parents with greater control over their children's security settings. Notably, teens under the age of 16 (or under 18 in some regions) will now, by default, be unable to receive messages or join group chats initiated by users they don't follow or aren't connected with on Instagram and Messenger.These updates are part of Meta's ongoing efforts to address concerns that its algorithms may have contributed to Facebook and Instagram becoming platforms where predators could target children.

Unlike previous restrictions, which only applied to adults over 19, these new rules are applicable to users of all ages. Meta plans to notify Instagram users of these changes through a message at the top of their Feed. For teens using supervised accounts, they will require parental or guardian approval to modify this setting.
Meta is also expanding parental supervision tools on Instagram. Instead of only receiving notifications when their child adjusts their safety and privacy settings, parents will now have the authority to approve or deny such requests. This will prevent children from making changes like switching their profile from private to public without parental consent.


Image: Meta

Additionally, Meta is developing a new feature to protect users from receiving inappropriate images in messages from people they are already connected with. This feature will also discourage users from sending such content. Although no launch date has been specified, Meta has mentioned that this feature will function in encrypted chats, with further details expected to be revealed later this year.

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