Instagram explores a feature letting friends contribute to your posts


Instagram explores a feature letting friends contribute to your posts: Collaborate on content and share the creative process on your feed.

Instagram is experimenting with a collaborative twist to its posting process, allowing your connections to contribute to your carousel posts. When you're on the verge of sharing a carousel, Instagram will present an option for your followers to pitch in with their own images and videos for inclusion.

However, these contributions won't automatically appear in your post. You'll have the final say, reviewing and approving each submission before it becomes part of your carousel. As demonstrated in a preview by Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, posts designed for collaboration will feature an "add to post" button, making it easy for friends to participate.

This new function is a delightful way to compile group memories from outings or events you've experienced together. It also opens the door for a variety of creative uses, such as inviting followers to share their best pet photos.


Image: Instagram

Instagram isn't new to collaborative features; it already allows joint creation of feed posts and Reels with other users. Plus, the platform has recently introduced a feature for collaborative collections, enabling you to curate and save content with a group of up to 250 participants.

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