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X is making the security of its users even more accessible by introducing passkey log-ins for iPhones and iPads. This feature, previously limited to "Premium" members, is now available to all X users. With passkeys, individuals can log in to their accounts without the need for a password, relying instead on their device's security features such as Face ID, Touch ID, or the device's passcode.

While this is a significant step forward for user convenience and security, there are some limitations to note. Currently, passkeys are only accessible in the United States, and X has not disclosed when this feature will be extended to Android, desktop operating systems, or other countries. Additionally, the rollout of passkeys may not be complete for all users yet, so some may not see this option immediately.
Passkeys operate by creating two cryptographic keys—one stored on X's end and the other locally on the user's device. This setup is akin to a highly secure "remember this device" system, enhancing both ease of access and security.

X joins the ranks of major tech companies like Google, PayPal, Microsoft, and Nintendo in offering passwordless logins through passkey technology. These passkeys are designed to replace traditional passwords with the authentication methods of the user's device. For instance, signing in to services like Gmail, PayPal, or iCloud can be accomplished simply by using Face ID, fingerprint recognition on Android devices, or Windows Hello on a PC.

Passkeys are built on WebAuthn (Web Authentication) technology, generating two distinct keys during setup. One key is stored by the website or service where the user's account is registered, while the other is stored as a private key on the user's device to verify their identity.

In the event of a lost or broken device, passkey users often have backup options available. Many services that support passkeys offer the ability to reauthenticate through a phone number, email address, or a hardware security key.

It's worth noting that Apple and Google already support passkeys in their password vaults, and several password managers, including 1Password and Dashlane, have integrated passkey functionality. Furthermore, 1Password has created an online directory listing services that allow users to sign in using passkeys.

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