Google brings AI to every part of its search process with new features

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Get ready for a smarter search experience. Google is rolling out a wave of AI-powered upgrades designed to make finding information faster and easier. As of May 14th, these features are starting to appear for users in the US, with a global rollout on the horizon.

Imagine searching for something complex – like the "best yoga studio in Boston with over four-star ratings within walking distance of Beacon Hill."  In the past, this might require sifting through numerous listings and reviews.  Now, Google's AI tool, Gemini, can come to the rescue by combining information from Google's Knowledge Graph (think of it as a giant encyclopedia) with website data, Gemini can create a personalized answer that highlights studios meeting your criteria.  It can even provide details like first-time-user discounts!

This is just one example of how AI is transforming search. A key feature is "AI Overviews," appearing at the top of search results. These summaries provide a quick answer to your query, along with links to dive deeper if needed.  No more wading through endless text – Gemini condenses the information for you.

There's more, a new Lens feature lets you search using video – perfect for identifying objects on the go. Plus, a planning tool can craft itineraries or meal plans based on a single query. And the results page itself is getting smarter. Imagine searching for restaurants – Gemini might suggest options for a romantic date night or a business meeting, all without you having to specify.


Image: Google

While AI is revolutionizing search, Google emphasizes that traditional methods still have their place. Need to navigate to a specific website? A simple search will get you there. AI shines in complex situations, saving you time and effort.

Of course, with any new technology, concerns arise. Google acknowledges the importance of factual accuracy in AI summaries. Their focus is on providing reliable information, even if it means sacrificing a bit of creativity.

Another concern is the potential impact on smaller websites. While some low-value content might be overshadowed, Google believes users will still seek out expert perspectives offered by quality websites. Early data even suggests this new search system may lead to more clicks on external links.

Ultimately, Google's goal is to make search a natural conversation. Imagine asking questions and receiving helpful answers, all within the familiar search engine interface. Less typing, less frustration, and a more intuitive way to navigate the vast ocean of information online.

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