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Google Chrome introduces "Help me write," an AI-powered feature assisting users in drafting text based on webpage content, now available for English-speaking users in the US.

Google has introduced a new experimental feature called "Help me write" to its Chrome browser, powered by Gemini-powered generative AI technology. This innovative tool is designed to assist users in composing or refining text based on the content of webpages they visit. With the stable release of Chrome M122 on Tuesday, English-speaking Chrome users in the US can now try out this writing assistant on their Mac and Windows PCs.

"Help me write" focuses on providing writing suggestions for various short-form content tasks, such as completing digital surveys, writing reviews, or drafting product descriptions. By analyzing the context of the webpage, the tool can offer relevant suggestions tailored to the user's needs. For example, if you're leaving a review for a product, it may highlight key features mentioned on the product page to help you craft your review effectively.


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To use the "Help me write" feature, users in the US need to enable Chrome's Experimental AI. This can be done by accessing Settings within the Chrome desktop, navigating to the Experimental AI page, and selecting "Try out experimental AI features." After relaunching Chrome, users can right-click on an open text field on a webpage to access the writing assistant feature.

While the "Help me write" tool may offer benefits for certain users, such as those with disabilities or non-native English speakers, its usefulness for the general population remains to be seen. While it may provide time-saving benefits for some tasks, users should exercise caution and avoid providing personal or sensitive information to the feature. Despite its potential drawbacks, Google continues to explore innovative ways to enhance user experiences on its platform.

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