Gmail on smartphones is getting better AI integration with Gemini


Managing emails on your phone just got a whole lot easier. On May 14th, Google announced exciting upgrades to the Gmail app, bringing the power of their AI assistant, Gemini, right to your fingertips.

Starting next month, Workspace and Google One AI Premium subscribers can leverage Gemini's email summarization features directly within the app. This handy tool condenses lengthy emails into digestible summaries, saving you precious time. But that's not all, later updates will allow you to interact with Gemini in even more ways.

Imagine asking questions about specific emails or having Gemini craft personalized replies based on the message content. This "Contextual Smart Reply" system builds upon the existing Smart Reply feature, offering more nuanced and detailed response options. These features will be accessible through a dedicated Gemini button within the app, allowing you to request summaries, prompt questions, or receive reply suggestions.

During a live demonstration, Google showcased Gemini's ability to analyze not just the current email, but the entire email thread, ensuring replies are truly context-aware. While crafting heartfelt messages for loved ones may be best left to your own creativity, Gemini shines in situations like responding to business emails or quotations.

Sure, some of these functionalities exist elsewhere – the Google app already enables email inquiries, and Workspace Labs offers prompt-based AI replies. However, having Gemini seamlessly integrated into the familiar environment of your Gmail mobile app is a game-changer, especially for professionals juggling countless emails daily.


Screenshot: YouTube

This move reflects Google's broader strategy to deeply embed Gemini across all their software and hardware.  This includes integrating the AI assistant into a new Workspace side panel and leveraging image interpretation for tasks in Calendar and Keep.

Want to be an early adopter? Subscribers can test email summaries starting this month, with Contextual Smart Reply and Gmail Q&A features rolling out as experimental Workspace Labs options in July. Stay tuned for official release dates!

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