Apple plans to add AI transcription to Voice Memos and Notes

Apple Notes

Get ready for a major upgrade to your productivity toolbox. According to a May 10th report from AppleInsider, Apple's upcoming iOS 18 update is rumored to bring powerful AI features to the Notes and Voice Memos apps.

Imagine recording a lecture or interview. With iOS 18, you might be able to see a real-time transcript appear on your screen as you record – no more scrambling to catch every word later. This would be a huge timesaver for anyone who relies on audio recordings for information retrieval.

The news gets even better, for the Notes app, Apple might be adding not just transcriptions, but AI-powered summaries. This means you could potentially have a concise text summary of your recording alongside the audio file, similar to popular services like Otter. This would be incredibly useful for quickly grasping key points without having to listen back to the entire recording.

Privacy remains a top concern for Apple. CEO Tim Cook recently emphasized the company's commitment to "unwavering focus on privacy" regarding AI features. Reports suggest that simpler AI tasks might be processed directly on your iPhone, while more complex requests might be sent to secure, third-party servers.


Image: ApppleInsider

And the AI revolution doesn't stop there, rumors suggest that iOS 18 might bring smarter AI features to Siri, potentially allowing it to analyze and summarize text messages. There's even talk of a new webpage summarization feature within Safari.

Overall, these rumored AI upgrades paint a picture of a more intelligent and user-friendly iPhone experience.  Stay tuned for the official iOS 18 release to see these exciting features come to life!

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