Yelp's AI assistant simplifies finding service providers

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Yelp's new AI chatbot connects users with local service providers based on their needs, streamlining the process of finding professionals for home upgrades, event planning, and more.

Yelp is shaking things up with the launch of their new "Yelp Assistant" – an AI tool designed to simplify finding and connecting with local service professionals. Think of it as a friendly concierge in your pocket, available on iPhones as of April 30th with an Android rollout planned for this summer.

Imagine needing a new bathtub. Simply chat with Yelp Assistant, tell it what you're looking for, and the AI will ask clarifying questions about style and features. In a flash, it suggests qualified bathtub installers in your area. You can then choose to chat directly with these businesses or have Yelp Assistant craft a customized message on your behalf. This ensures service providers receive a clear understanding of your project, potentially leading to more accurate price quotes.

But Yelp Assistant's talents extend far beyond bathroom renovations. It can connect you with massage therapists, pet care providers, real estate agents, and even financial advisors – all through a convenient and conversational interface. This innovative tool is powered by cutting-edge technology from OpenAI, making it remarkably adept at understanding your needs.


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Yelp isn't stopping there. They're also upgrading their "Yelp Fusion AI API," a program allowing other platforms to access Yelp's vast database. Imagine searching for a specific service and having Yelp results seamlessly integrated within another app. This update empowers partner companies to offer a more natural search experience, allowing users to ask questions and receive relevant Yelp information. While currently limited to single questions and answers, Yelp promises more advanced conversation capabilities later in the year.

The AI search platform Perplexity is already leveraging the updated Yelp Fusion API, showcasing the power of this collaboration. This paves the way for even smoother integration with other platforms in the future. Yelp partners can access the updated API now, with a 30-day trial available for non-partners.

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