Edit backgrounds effortlessly with Instagram's new GenAI tool

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Image: Claudio Schwarz

Instagram has recently unveiled a new AI-powered background editing tool for its users in the United States. Announced on Wednesday by Meta's generative AI lead, Ahmad Al-Dahle, this feature allows users to creatively alter the backgrounds of their images for Stories using AI-generated prompts.

When using this tool, users will find pre-set prompts like “On a red carpet,” “Being chased by dinosaurs,” and “Surrounded by puppies.” They also have the flexibility to craft their own unique prompts to customize their backgrounds. After posting a Story with an AI-generated background, other users will see a “Try it” sticker, encouraging them to experiment with the feature themselves.

This release comes shortly after Snapchat introduced a similar tool for its premium subscribers, enabling them to send AI-generated images. Snapchat had previously launched a feature called Dreams, which lets users transform their images with various themes, and also enabled Snapchat+ users to use prompt-based backgrounds earlier this year.


       Image: Instagram

Earlier in December, Meta expanded the availability of its 28 AI-powered characters across all its platforms — WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram — for users in the United States. This update included Bing search integration and an enhanced context window. Concurrently, Meta introduced a standalone AI image generator named Imagine with Meta, which is driven by its proprietary model, Emu.

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