Snapchat+ now offers AI-generated image creation for subscribers


Image: Alexander Shatov 

Snapchat is enhancing its offerings for Snapchat+ subscribers with the introduction of several new AI-powered features, as announced on Tuesday. The most exciting update allows subscribers to generate and share images created from text prompts. Additionally, the app's Dream selfie feature has been expanded to include friends.

Subscribers can find the AI image generator by tapping the “AI” button on their screen. They can then select from various prompts like “a planet made out of cheese” or “a sunny day at the beach,” or enter a custom prompt such as “a dog sleeping on a rocket.” The app will then create an AI-generated image based on the chosen prompt. Users have the option to edit, download, and share these images once they're generated.

Previously, Snapchat+ subscribers could only use AI to create backgrounds for their bitmoji and chat wallpapers. Now, they can also send AI-generated images directly to friends.


       Image: Snapchat

While Snapchat hasn't disclosed the specific AI model powering this feature, the company has confirmed partnerships with several providers for foundational models.

The Dream feature, which allows users to create AI selfies in various imaginative scenarios, has been updated to include friends. Users can now generate a selfie with a friend in a fantastical setting, like both appearing as mermaids, and then share it in a message or on their story. Each month, Snapchat+ subscribers receive one free pack of eight Dreams.

Additionally, a new AI-powered extend tool is being introduced for subscribers. This tool can help expand a closely zoomed image, like a photo of a dog, by automatically generating a zoomed-out version with an AI-filled background.

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