WhatsApp introduces pinned messages to streamline group chats

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WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that allows users to pin messages at the top of their chats for a duration of up to 30 days. This feature, already present in Meta's Facebook Messenger app, is gradually being made available to WhatsApp users.

To pin a message, users simply need to long-press on the message and select the "Pin" option. By default, messages will be pinned for seven days, but this can be adjusted to either 24 hours or 30 days according to the user's preference. The feature is versatile, allowing for the pinning of any type of message, whether it's a poll, a photo, or a video. Additionally, in group chats, admins have the option to restrict the visibility of pinned messages to other admins only.

The introduction of this feature addresses a common frustration in group chats across various messaging platforms, such as iMessage or SMS, where important information can easily get lost amidst a flurry of messages. The ability to pin messages could significantly enhance the clarity and organization of group chats.


Image: WhatsApp

Meta has been actively working to boost WhatsApp's popularity in the US, where it's not as widely used as in other parts of the world. The company has been adding a range of new features to WhatsApp, including privacy-centric options like self-destructing voice messages and the ability to hide locked chats. Additionally, earlier this month, Meta started rolling out the capability for iOS users to share images and videos in their original quality on WhatsApp.

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