YouTube enables creators to test multiple thumbnails


On June 11th, YouTube unveiled a valuable new feature for creators: Thumbnail Test & Compare. This tool offers creators the ability to optimize their video thumbnails for maximum impact.

This feature lets you put your video thumbnails to the test. Upload up to three different options, and YouTube will show them to your viewers evenly. The winner? The thumbnail that generates the most watch time.

Here's how it works: you choose your thumbnails, YouTube shows them to your audience, and then analyzes the results. You'll receive data on how each thumbnail performed, with a clear "Winner" for the one that significantly outshines the others. Sometimes, you might see a "Preferred" label if a thumbnail has a slight edge based on watch time.

The best part? You're always in control. Even if the tool suggests a winner, you can still choose the thumbnail you prefer. Thumbnail Test & Compare is rolling out to all eligible creators in the coming weeks, and you'll find it within YouTube Studio on your computer.

Video: YouTube

This new feature has the potential to be a game-changer. Take MrBeast, the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube. He experimented with closed-mouth thumbnails, and his watch time soared. Now, most of his thumbnails follow that format.

YouTube also announced a few other updates in a recent video. Premium subscribers on Android can now use an AI-powered feature to skip directly to the most interesting parts of videos. Additionally, creators can experiment with QR codes and mentioning channels using "@" symbols in comments.

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