Meta Updates Messenger with New Standalone Group Chats and Communities


Meta now lets users create Communities for group chats of up to 5,000 people without needing a Facebook page. This feature is gradually rolling out and allows more open, large-scale interactions.

Large group chats for your neighborhood, school event, or any other interest group? No problem, that's the power of Communities. With a capacity of up to 5,000 people, these chats are perfect for fostering communication within larger groups, all without needing a Facebook page.

This feature builds on Meta's 2022 update that allowed Facebook group admins to create chatrooms within their groups. Now, anyone can set up a Community, opening the door to a wider range of uses.

It's important to remember that these large group chats function differently from private messages. Meta is gradually rolling out the feature, so you might not see it immediately.

Meta's Communities

Image: TikTok

This move reflects a broader trend in Meta's messaging platforms. Similar to recent updates in WhatsApp and Instagram, Messenger is evolving to accommodate larger-scale communication needs. Whether it's group chats for thousands or interactive features like channels, Meta is clearly focused on making messaging a central part of the user experience.

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