Instagram boosts original content, cuts reposts

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Instagram adjusts its content recommendation system, favoring original posts and sidelining reposted content, especially from aggregation accounts. Serial reposters face removal from recommendations.

Big changes are coming to Instagram, with a focus on originality and giving smaller accounts a fighting chance. Announced on April 30th, these updates aim to shake up content discovery and reward those who create unique and engaging content.

One major shift targets "aggregator" accounts – those that repost content from others without adding anything new.  These accounts often take credit for content they didn't create, leaving the original creators frustrated.  Instagram is cracking down on this practice by removing reposted content from recommendations across the entire platform. This primarily affects accounts that repost heavily without adding value. However, legitimate publishers with proper licensing agreements are not affected.

But Instagram goes beyond just removing reposts. The platform will now prioritize original content in recommendations. When someone reposts your work, the original post will take its place in feeds and on the Explore page, giving you the credit and reach you deserve. Creators will even receive a notification letting them know their work is being seen! It's important to note that this only applies to recommendations – you'll still see reposts from accounts you follow. Additionally, both the original creator and the reposting account can choose to remove the credit label.

Instagram rewarding original content

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This focus on originality extends to a revamped ranking algorithm. Previously, content from accounts with large followings dominated recommendations. Now, Instagram is leveling the playing field. A new system will essentially test content with smaller audiences to see how it performs. High-performing content will then be shown to a wider group, giving smaller accounts a chance to gain traction and potentially reach a viral level of engagement. This approach is similar to the discovery system on TikTok, which has become a launchpad for many aspiring creators.

These changes highlight a long-standing debate about reach and engagement on Instagram. The influx of recommended content has left many creators feeling lost in the algorithm. While these updates don't directly address that concern, the emphasis on recommendations suggests it will be even more crucial for creators to stand out in the future.

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