Google Meet enhances interactivity with IRL hand raise detection


Google has recently introduced a new hand gesture recognition feature in Google Meet, designed to make virtual meetings more interactive and intuitive. Announced earlier in March, this AI-driven functionality can detect when a participant raises their hand, automatically activating a hand raise icon to signal the host that the participant wishes to speak.

For the feature to work effectively, Google specifies that your hand must be clearly visible to the camera and not obscured by your face or body. You might need to hold your hand up for a brief period to activate the gesture detection. Once recognized, the hand raise icon will display in your video feed, and you will be shifted to the main grid, making it easier for moderators to notice your request to contribute.

This hand gesture detection is available in most Google Meet Workspace plans, though it is not enabled by default. Users can activate it in the settings. To avoid accidental triggers, the feature is automatically disabled for those who are actively speaking, preventing the hand raise icon from appearing every time someone gestures while talking.


Image: Google

This new feature offers a more natural, school-like experience of raising a hand in a virtual environment. It can be particularly handy in various scenarios, such as when you're standing away from your computer or engaged in another activity like eating, and you wish to signal the host without physically interacting with your device.

Additionally, Google Meet recently rolled out a portrait touch-up mode, offering users options to enhance their appearance on camera with features like complexion smoothing and eye brightening.

In a world where virtual collaboration is becoming increasingly sophisticated, Google Meet's new hand gesture feature exemplifies the evolving landscape of virtual collaboration, offering a more intuitive and interactive meeting experience. This advancement aligns with Band of Coders' commitment to innovative and user-friendly software solutions. If you're interested in exploring how we can enhance your digital tools and processes, we invite you to schedule a call with us. Let's discuss how our expertise can help bring your ideas to life in this dynamic digital era.

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