WhatsApp enhances group chats with event planning

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WhatsApp rolls out event planning for group chats, starting with Communities. Plan birthday parties, meetings, and more with ease.

WhatsApp just unveiled a new feature that makes planning events a breeze. As of May 1st, you can create and manage events directly within your group chats, streamlining communication for friends, families, and organizations alike.
Imagine effortlessly setting up birthday parties, school meetings, or neighborhood gatherings all within the familiar WhatsApp interface. Similar to online invitation services, the new events feature lets you create a detailed event page with all the important details. This page gets pinned to the group's info section, so everyone can easily access it. Plus, a dedicated event chat thread keeps the conversation organized, allowing attendees to RSVP, share updates, or even coordinate who's bringing the snacks.


Image: Meta

WhatsApp is also enhancing communication within "Announcement Groups" – a feature similar to channels in apps like Slack or Discord. Now, members can reply directly to announcements, fostering better engagement and feedback. These replies are minimized and the chat remains muted, ensuring important announcements aren't lost in a flood of notifications.

The events feature is rolling out first to groups within WhatsApp Communities, with plans to expand to all groups in the coming months. WhatsApp Communities offers a dedicated space for larger groups, complete with separate chat threads, admin controls, and announcement capabilities. This latest event feature takes advantage of WhatsApp's existing 32-person video calling functionality, allowing participants to seamlessly jump into a call without the hassle of individual invites.

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