Tracking Your Apple Money Just Got Easier on iPhone

Budgeting App

Enhanced Budgeting in iOS 17.4: iPhone budgeting apps gain automatic spending tracking with connections to Apple Card, Cash & Savings.

Apple's latest iOS 17.4 update makes managing your finances a breeze, especially if you use Apple Card, Apple Cash, or Savings with Apple Card! This update lets popular budgeting apps seamlessly import your transaction history and balances, according to TechCrunch.

Apps like YNAB, Monarch, and Copilot are already on board with this new feature.  While you'll need to set it up within each app individually, the process is straightforward. Once connected, YNAB even suggests your transactions will update automatically whenever you open the app, or even in the background!

Here's a quick refresher: Apple Card, launched in 2019, is their credit card offering. Apple Cash acts like a prepaid debit card stored in your Apple Wallet, allowing you to send and receive money with friends through iMessage or spend using Apple Pay. Finally, Savings with Apple Card is a place to earn interest on your Apple Card cashback and any extra cash you want to save.



Image: YNAB

It's important to note that, for now, this feature is only available in the US, which is the only country where Apple offers all three financial services (Card, Cash, and Savings). This is separate from a similar initiative Apple launched in the UK last November, where Apple Wallet can display balances and transactions from some third-party bank accounts.

Speaking of money features, iOS 17.4 brings more to the table!  Following an investigation by the European Union, the update allows third-party developers to use the iPhone's NFC chip for contactless payments in the European Economic Area. Additionally, it brings Apple into compliance with the EU's Digital Markets Act, including support for alternative app stores.

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