Discord Announces Official Game-Themed Avatars and Profile Effects


Discord grows its store with official game avatars and profile effects, partnering for revenue share, letting fans personalize profiles and support creators.

Popular communication platform Discord announced plans to expand its in-app store with officially licensed game-themed avatars and profile effects. This move comes after the successful launch of the Discord store in November 2023, which offered a variety of avatar decorations and profile effects.

"We've received a significant amount of user feedback requesting customizations that reflect their favorite games," stated the Discord team in a recent blog post. "To address this, we've partnered with game developers to bring themed profile effects and avatar decorations directly to the Discord store. Importantly, revenue generated from these purchases will be shared with the developers, providing them with an additional avenue to monetize their creativity within the Discord ecosystem."



Image: Discord

Specific game titles and available customization options haven't been revealed yet, but Discord promises more details in the coming weeks.
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 This update coincides with another developer-centric initiative – Quests. Introduced as an experimental feature last year, Quests allow users to earn in-game rewards by streaming gameplay to friends during calls.

A popular example from 2023 was a Fortnite Quest that granted players an in-game wrap for streaming Fortnite to a single friend for at least 15 minutes. With the latest update, Discord is extending sponsored Quests to a wider range of game developers. This opens the door for users to acquire new skins and in-game items through Discord, similar to reward programs offered by platforms like Twitch and Amazon Prime.

The addition of officially licensed game content and the expansion of Quests demonstrate Discord's commitment to fostering a more engaging and interactive experience for both users and game developers.

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