Smoother rides ahead: Waze warns drivers of upcoming curves and bumps


Waze upgrades navigation: safety alerts for stopped responders, hazard warnings for bumps & curves, plus improved traffic flow information.

Waze is making your daily commute a little less stressful with a bunch of new features!  On March 5th, they announced an alert system that warns you when there are stopped emergency vehicles ahead. This means a blinking police car icon will pop up on your map, letting you know how far away it is. No more missing the flashing lights or (let's be honest) accidentally getting stuck behind a giant truck and missing them altogether.  This feature is already live for drivers in the US, Canada, Mexico, and France, with more countries on the way.

But that's not all!  Later this month, Waze is adding even more helpful alerts.  Keep an eye out for warnings about upcoming speed bumps, sharp turns, and tollbooths. They'll also be giving you a heads-up when the speed limit is about to change, so you can avoid any unwanted tickets.



Image: Waze

For those who travel familiar routes, Waze is also revamping how they show live traffic and delay information. This will make it even easier to plan your trip and avoid any unexpected jams.

And here's some good news for Android users (iOS gets it later this year): mastering those tricky traffic circles just got easier!  A new feature will guide you through the circle, indicating which lane to use to reach your desired exit.  Yes, even in the US, this can be a major help!

Looking beyond this month, Waze is also working on features to take the guesswork out of parking.  In the coming weeks, they'll start adding details about parking garages in certain cities, along with the ability to reserve a spot right from the app (think New York City or Montreal).

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