BeReal introduces private groups and Live Photo features, gaining popularity among US teens


next week: Behind the Scenes (BTS) and RealGroups. BTS, similar to an iOS Live Photo, captures a few seconds of video just before a photo is taken. RealGroups, on the other hand, allows users to share their BeReal posts with a select group of friends and includes the option for direct messaging within the group.

The BTS feature, which users can opt into, borrows heavily from the user experience of Live Photos on iPhones. When a BeReal post includes BTS, a Live Photo symbol will be displayed. By long-pressing the symbol, users can view the video captured moments before the photo was taken.

BeReal, known for its daily front-and-back camera photo prompts at random times, encourages authentic and unfiltered sharing among close friends. With the introduction of RealGroups, users can now create more intimate sharing circles. Group admins have the control to set the daily notification time, and the feature also includes a group chat. However, users are limited to being part of only two groups.


       Image: BeReal

BeReal highlighted the potential of RealGroups in a blog post, suggesting it as a way for college students to stay connected with friends back home, sharing their new experiences and keeping up with happenings in their hometown.

The app's future remains a topic of discussion. Pew's annual survey indicates that around 13% of U.S. teens have used BeReal. While external sources have provided varying data on the app's monthly active users, BeReal itself reported significant growth in daily active users, reaching 25 million in September.

Initially slow to evolve, BeReal has been actively adding new features such as messaging, additional photo posting options, Spotify integration, and a "Friends of Friends" discovery feed. Upcoming additions include a 2023 Year in Review feature and tagging capabilities, allowing users to repost content they're tagged in, similar to Instagram.

As BeReal continues to innovate and expand its features, it reflects the dynamic nature of the social media landscape. At Band of Coders, we understand the importance of staying current with these trends. Our team specializes in developing software solutions that adapt to the ever-changing digital world. If you're looking to enhance your app or platform with the latest social media features, Band of Coders is here to help. Schedule a call with us to explore how we can assist in elevating your digital presence.


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