ChatGPT now reads responses out loud

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ChatGPT gains text-to-speech functionality: "Read Aloud" feature offers voice options in 37 languages for on-the-go access to AI responses. Available now on web, iOS & Android. 

Attention busy multitaskers! OpenAI just launched a new feature for ChatGPT called "Read Aloud." This nifty tool lets you listen to ChatGPT's responses spoken out loud, freeing you up to do other things on the go.  On March 4th, they announced this feature is now available on the ChatGPT website, as well as the iOS and Android apps.

Read Aloud offers five different voice options to choose from, and it can even speak in 37 different languages! It's smart enough to automatically detect the language of the text it's reading, and it works with both the latest GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models. This feature is a prime example of OpenAI's expanding capabilities, particularly in the area of "multimodal" interaction – meaning you can communicate with ChatGPT through voice or text, whichever is more convenient. This comes shortly after a similar feature rollout by competitor Anthropic for its AI models.

Remember that cool voice chat feature ChatGPT launched last September?  Read Aloud takes things a step further. It lets ChatGPT read its written responses out loud, and you can even set it to always respond verbally.

Using Read Aloud on mobile is simple! Just tap and hold the text, and a player will pop up where you can play, pause, or rewind the narration. On the web version, look for a speaker icon below the text box.

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