Instagram Expands Mute Feature: Silence All But Close Friends

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Instagram announced an update to its anti-bullying features, specifically designed to empower teens.  Here's how it can help you manage unwanted interactions.

Imagine being bombarded with negative comments or messages. Instagram's "Limits" feature can be your shield. Previously, it helped creators manage harassment, but now it's available to everyone. With Limits enabled, you can choose to hide comments and messages from anyone except your close friends list. This allows you to maintain a positive online space without completely cutting yourself off from your wider network.

Here's how it works: when you activate Limits for "Everyone but Close Friends," you'll only see direct messages, mentions, and tags from those on your close friends list. Others can still interact with your public content, but their activity won't be visible to you. They also won't be notified that you've limited them. You can access and review these limited messages and comments at any time.

Limits can be set for up to four weeks at a time, with the option to extend if needed. To activate it, go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top right corner, and select "Limited Interactions." Here you can choose to limit accounts that don't follow you, recent followers, or everyone except your close friends.


Image: Instagram

Instagram is also making improvements to its "Restrict" feature. Now, you can prevent restricted users from tagging or mentioning you, in addition to hiding their comments. These updates come amid growing concerns about online safety, particularly for younger users. Earlier this year, Instagram and Facebook implemented features to prevent adults from messaging minors by default and to hide potentially harmful content related to suicide and eating disorders.

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