Adobe Acrobat integrates AI for streamlined document interactions

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Adobe Acrobat's AI Assistant, now in beta, revolutionizes document management, offering a conversational interface to simplify tasks.

Adobe is introducing a new feature called AI Assistant in Acrobat, which leverages generative AI technology to enhance the PDF management experience. This innovative tool, described as a "conversational engine," aims to streamline document navigation, making it easier for users to find and comprehend information within lengthy documents. Available in beta for paying Acrobat subscribers starting today, AI Assistant in Acrobat offers functionalities such as summarizing files, providing answers to queries, and offering recommendations based on document content.

The primary objective of AI Assistant in Acrobat is to simplify the process of working with large text documents, catering to diverse needs such as academic research, professional reports, and presentations. By employing AI-driven chatbot capabilities, users can swiftly extract relevant information, generate citations, and format content for various purposes, including emails, meetings, and presentations. Notably, AI Assistant adheres to Adobe's stringent data security protocols, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of customer documents.


AI Assistant in Acrobat can summarize a document’s contents so it’s easier to slap into an email or meeting notes.

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During the beta phase, AI Assistant in Acrobat offers features like content assessment, question recommendations, citation generation, and information consolidation. It supports various document formats, including Word and PowerPoint, empowering users with versatile document management capabilities. Accessible to Acrobat subscribers on Standard, Pro, and Teams plans at no additional cost during the beta period, AI Assistant promises to revolutionize document interaction and productivity.

Looking ahead, Adobe envisions further enhancements for AI Assistant in Acrobat, including integrations with its Firefly generative AI model and advanced features for document analysis, content generation, and editing. While the duration of the beta phase remains undisclosed, Adobe remains committed to refining and expanding AI Assistant's capabilities based on user feedback and evolving document management needs.

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