Instagram Marketplace now available in eight additional countries

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Instagram introduces its marketplace tool in 8 new countries, connecting brands with creators for partnerships and ads.

Instagram announced today that it is broadening its marketplace feature to facilitate connections between brands and creators for paid partnerships or advertisements in eight additional countries. These new markets, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil, will now have access to this platform.

Initially tested in the U.S. in 2022, Instagram reports that it has since onboarded "thousands" of creators and brands. Last year, the social media giant introduced API features for creator outreach and brief structuring, inviting agencies to utilize the platform as well.

In addition to opening the platform to brands in these eight countries, Meta, Instagram's parent company, will also extend invitations to Chinese export brands to collaborate with creators outside China.

Over the next few weeks, both brands and creators in these new regions will receive invitations to join the marketplace. Marketers can approach creators for paid partnerships or partnership ads, enabling advertisers to amplify organic content as advertisements.


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Once creators sign up through the professional dashboard in the Instagram app, they can showcase their content and specify relevant brands and interests.

Within the marketplace, Meta assists brands in connecting with suitable creators for specific marketing campaigns using its machine learning algorithm. Companies can manually search for creators and apply filters, such as creator and audience categories, to tailor their results.

Creators will find all partnership requests and conversations with brands initiated through the marketplace in a dedicated folder on Instagram called "Partnership messages." They can review campaign details directly within the app.

While Instagram's competitors like Snap, YouTube, and TikTok offer similar creator marketplace functionalities, various startups are also addressing the challenge of linking brands with creators. For example, Catch+Release assists brands in discovering licensable content, Agentio organizes the process of YouTubers selling ad slots in their videos, and Breaker connects record labels and artists with influencers for promotional campaigns.

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