Startup Train returns to connect like-minded “startup junkies” on the way to Startupfest - Band of Coders

Startup Train returns to connect like-minded “startup junkies” on the way to Startupfest

For the fifth year in a row, Startup Train is inviting startups, investors, and advisors to join its reserved first class train cars making the trip from Toronto to Montreal’s Startupfest. On July 13, startups on the train will be supplied with first class meal service, drinks, and the chance to connect with 100 like-minded individuals ahead of the jam-packed Startupfest. Startup Train started as a grassroots initiative in 2012 led by Brydon Gilliss of coworking space ThreeFortyNine. This year, Band of Coders took Startup ...
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What is Big Data - Band of Coders

Big Data: A Service Provider’s Perspective

Big Data.  It seems like it’s a “big” topic these days.  We’re hearing it more and more in the media, in business, and in school.  It’s supposed to be revolutionary.  It’s supposed to be the next big technology breakthrough…and also the next challenge. At the Golden Source Consultants LIONShare event we asked three different Service Providers to tell us what they’re seeing in the market.  How are they seeing clients use Big Data?  Why is it so important for businesses? ...
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Blue Earth Consultant - Band of Coders

Blue Earth Consultants

Blue Earth is a multi-disciplinary team of master innovators, business strategists, brand creatives and performance coaches. Our backgrounds include developing, launching and scaling global brands for organizations like P&G, Coca-Cola, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Kimberly-Clark. Together we now share a mission to facilitate positive change in the world. Each Blue Earth team member is versed holistically in the 7 Disciplines of Transcendent Brands, yet each contributes unique expertise and leadership to different phases of implementation. As a result, the fidelity of ...
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Radio x - Interview Band of Coders

Bobby John on Business Radio X

Bobby John/Band of Coders Article link ...
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Bobby John - Globalu

Bobby John – GlobalU

Bobby John is a serial entrepreneur and mentor to startups. In 2001, Bobby founded Band of Coders, a custom software engineering company. Prior to Band of Coders, Bobby founded Personus Inc. (Caught in The Web). He led Personus Inc. to its eventual acquisition. Bobby went on to become CTO of Trade Settlement Inc., Wall Street’s leader in post-trade loan settlement processing, serving the $3.0 trillion Global Primary and Secondary Syndicated Loan markets. The technology he built is used by thousands ...
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