YouTube introduces feature to guide users to accurate first-aid videos in emergencies

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When you turn to YouTube for guidance on CPR, heart attacks, or other critical health emergencies, you'll now find authoritative sources offering immediate assistance.

Searching for instructions on handling a heart attack will lead to the display of credible first-aid explainer videos right at the top of your search results. These concise, step-by-step videos, created in collaboration with Mass General Brigham and the Mexican Red Cross, address essential health emergencies and first-aid procedures. They are prioritized to provide prompt guidance when it's needed most. Topics covered include administering the Heimlich maneuver, performing CPR, recognizing initial signs of a heart attack, and other critical healthcare situations.

Prior to any first-aid actions, it's crucial to call 911 and notify emergency services immediately, as many health conditions require timely intervention. Afterward, YouTube serves as a valuable resource for instructions on administering initial first-aid care before professional help arrives. Properly applied basic first-aid techniques can often prevent further harm or assist in stabilizing a patient until the arrival of medical assistance.


Image: YouTube

YouTube also offers explainer videos on a range of health emergencies, including opioid overdoses, seizures, choking, bleeding, strokes, snakebites, tourniquet application, suicide attempts, and poisonings. Additionally, they provide a hands-only CPR course in collaboration with the American Heart Association, which you can access at any time, not just during emergencies.

These initiatives reflect YouTube's commitment to promoting reliable health information, reinforcing their efforts to combat medical misinformation, including issues like abortion and unproven treatments for diseases like cancer and COVID-19. The availability of first-aid information in both English and Spanish in the United States demonstrates YouTube's dedication to accessibility, with plans to expand to more languages and countries in the coming months.

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