YouTube tests innovative search feature fueled by humming


YouTube tests innovative search feature fueled by humming: Android users can now find songs by humming or short recordings.

If you've ever found yourself with a catchy tune stuck in your head and unable to recall the lyrics, YouTube has an exciting new feature in the testing phase just for you.

In a recent blog post, YouTube unveiled its latest innovation: a trial feature designed for Android phone users. This feature allows users to search for a song by simply humming or recording a snippet lasting more than three seconds.

While this feature is currently accessible to only a limited group of users, those fortunate enough to have it can easily switch from the standard "voice search" function to the newly introduced "song search" feature. After humming or recording the song in question, the app will swiftly identify it and provide a curated selection of related content, including official music releases, user-generated videos, and Shorts.

While apps like Shazam also offer song recognition capabilities, YouTube distinguishes itself with access to an extensive library encompassing both official and user-generated content. This innovative 'hum-to-find' feature is reminiscent of the one integrated into Google Search back in 2020.

Elizabeth, a culture reporter at Mashable, specializes in covering digital culture, online fandom communities, and the emotional impact of the internet. With six years of experience in the tech industry, she has a diverse background that includes managing a Wi-Fi hardware beta program and analyzing trends in YouTube content, ranging from K-pop and ASMR to gaming and beauty.

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