Stories now available on the Twitch mobile app

Stories now available on the Twitch mobile app: Dive into short, engaging content from your favorite streamers on-the-go.

As TwitchCon Las Vegas gears up to kick off later this week, Twitch has unveiled a fresh stories feature for its mobile application.

"Incorporating stories into the Twitch platform allows for a more direct connection between streamers and their communities," mentioned Eduardo Fenili, the senior product manager, in a post on Twitch's official blog. "The feature will be progressively made available to eligible streamers throughout the week, with continued access as they fulfill the necessary criteria."

Twitch's stories will operate similarly to the stories feature on various other social platforms. Eligible participants can share images, text, or short videos that will vanish after two days. These stories will be prominently displayed at the top of the Twitch app for followers of the respective creators. Currently, the feature is exclusive to affiliates and partners who have streamed at least once in the preceding month. However, Twitch has hinted at potentially broadening its availability in the future.


Fenili believes that stories will bolster the bond between streamers and their viewers. Streamers can incorporate channel-specific emotes, design unique backgrounds, and even craft stories from clips or bespoke content. Those boasting a following of 30 or more subscribers (including gifted subs) can also curate exclusive stories for their subscribers. Additionally, Twitch will provide insights on story engagement, and followers will receive alerts when their favorite creators share new content.

Safety remains paramount for Twitch during this feature's introduction. The blog post highlighted, "Stories, like all other content on Twitch, must adhere to our community guidelines. Users can promptly report any story that seems to breach these standards from within the app itself."

This new addition appears to be Twitch's strategy to retain user engagement on its platform while also addressing the challenge streamers face in maintaining consistent viewer interaction.

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