Netflix experiments with game streaming on US TVs

Netflix experiments with game streaming on US TVs: Dive into a new entertainment frontier as the platform explores interactive gaming.

On October 16, Netflix revealed its plans to broaden its game streaming beta to the US, as mentioned in a recent blog post update. Initially introduced in Canada and the UK in August, this feature allows users to enjoy games streamed directly from the cloud on various devices, including TVs and computers.

The blog post emphasized that this is a "restricted" beta test, indicating that it might not be accessible to a vast audience initially. This "restricted" terminology was also used during its debut in Canada and the UK. For now, the only two games available for streaming are Oxenfree, developed by Netflix's Night School Studio, and another titled Molehew’s Mining Adventure.

To utilize this service, subscribers must install a specific controller app from Netflix on their iPhone or Android devices to play games on their TVs. Netflix mentions compatibility with "chosen devices," encompassing Amazon Fire TV gadgets, Chromecast with Google TV, Roku devices, certain TVs, and more. For web users, gameplay is facilitated through a mouse and keyboard.

Netflix continues to expand its gaming repertoire, aiming to enhance the value proposition for its subscribers. While most of its games are tailored for mobile platforms, Netflix has expressed keen interest in venturing beyond just iOS and Android. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Netflix is exploring the development of games inspired by its popular shows, such as Squid Game and Black Mirror. Furthermore, there have been talks with Take-Two about potentially licensing a game from the renowned Grand Theft Auto series.

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