Shopify's AI tool enhances product images for a professional look


Shopify's Magic suite introduces an AI media editor that simplifies background changes without requiring Photoshop skills, empowering sellers and leveling the playing field.

Shopify's Magic suite, a collection of generative AI tools introduced last April, is expanding its capabilities with the addition of a media editor. This new feature incorporates generative image fill and conversational search powered by AI, empowering merchants to customize their product images effortlessly.

With the AI editor, merchants can seamlessly change photo backgrounds without the need for Photoshop expertise, aligning images with their desired themes. Moreover, the editor can suggest backgrounds and styles based on existing product images in the merchant's library, streamlining the creative process.

According to Glen Coates, Shopify's vice president of product, many sellers lack access to professional photography resources but still aim to showcase their products effectively. By offering this tool at no additional cost, Shopify aims to democratize product presentation, ensuring that entrepreneurs can present their offerings in the best possible light.

In addition to the media editor, Shopify's suite of AI tools includes automated product descriptions, chatbot integration, and suggested replies for merchant-buyer interactions. These tools cater to a wide range of users, from independent sellers to direct-to-customer businesses, enhancing their online shopping experience.


Image: Shopify

While Shopify competes with other platforms offering AI-powered features, such as Amazon's question-based product inquiries and review summarization, its focus on conversational search sets it apart. By prioritizing natural language queries over traditional keyword matching, Shopify's semantic search delivers more relevant results based on user intent.

Shopify's AI tools leverage a mix of foundation models, including GPT and Llama 2, with built-in watermarking and moderation capabilities. Coates emphasizes the platform's commitment to utilizing the most effective models for each feature, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

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