Patreon takes Reddit's strategy for content moderation


Patreon empowers creators with Reddit-style moderation. Now, creators can designate community members as moderators, ensuring tailored community guidelines are enforced effectively.

On April 3rd, Patreon announced exciting new features to help you manage your online communities.  Just like moderators on popular forums like Reddit, you can now assign trusted community members as moderators on your Patreon page!

This means you can empower your fans to help keep things running smoothly and enforce your community guidelines.  Maybe you have a "no spoilers" rule for new content releases? Moderators can help ensure everyone follows those expectations and keeps the conversation enjoyable for all. Previously, you could only assign certain permissions to team members, but this update lets you share the responsibility of community management with your most dedicated fans.

Patreon emphasizes that creators will still have the final say when it comes to overall community rules, which is important for maintaining a safe and positive space for everyone.  However, having moderators can free you up to focus on creating great content for your patrons.

Image credit: Patreon

This update coincides with Patreon's ongoing efforts to improve fan interaction. Remember that cool chat room feature they launched last year?  It's getting even better! Previously, these chats were only accessible on mobile and for paid subscribers.  Starting today, everyone can access chats from their web browser, and Patreon might even let creators open them up for free followers in the future! Plus, creators can now record short video responses directly within the chat rooms to connect with their fans on a more personal level.

These changes reflect Patreon's commitment to becoming a one-stop shop for creators and their fans.  Last year, they introduced chat rooms alongside a major rebrand and expanded product offerings. Patreon started as a platform for subscription-based content, but they recognize that fans connect with creators in many ways beyond subscriptions.

Think about it: you might follow a creator on Discord, buy their merchandise on Etsy, or simply enjoy their public social media posts. Patreon's recent updates, including chat rooms, the ability to sell products directly, and even free subscription tiers, aim to capture all those interactions within their platform.  This way, Patreon can become a central hub for creators to connect and engage with their loyal fanbase.

Patreon's new features are great, but want a custom platform with even deeper creator-fan engagement? 

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