Google Maps and Search updates make planning outings easier

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Discover new places easily with Google Maps and Search updates. Enjoy curated recommendations and AI-powered itineraries for stress-free trip planning.

Planning a trip can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Google is here to help! On March 27th, they announced a suite of new features designed to make travel planning smoother and more enjoyable.

Get ready for helpful recommendations in Google Maps!  Starting this week, users in over 40 US and Canadian cities will see curated lists of places to eat and visit.  These lists are put together by Google's algorithms and include a variety of categories:

  • Trending: This weekly updated list highlights places that have recently surged in popularity, ensuring you're in the know about the latest hotspots.
  • Top: These are historically popular locations that are consistently well-regarded by visitors.
  • Gems: These hidden gems are off-the-beaten-path options that might surprise and delight you!
Maps will also display recommendations from trusted sources like Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Infatuation, and OpenTable.


A GIF showing Google Maps’ new itinerary feature.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices?  Google Search is getting a cool new AI feature to help with that too!  When you search for trip ideas, Google will use its artificial intelligence to create a sample itinerary for you. This itinerary will include suggestions for flights and hotels, along with interesting places to visit and delicious places to eat. It will even include helpful details like business information, reviews, and photos for all the recommended locations.  The best part? You can easily export your itinerary to Gmail, Docs, or Maps for easy access on the go!  This feature is currently only available for users who sign up for Google's free Search Generative Experience program.

Remember "Circle to Search," the feature Google introduced in January that lets you translate text on your screen? It's getting even better!  This week, Circle to Search is expanding to more Android devices.  Plus, in the coming weeks, a new translation capability will be added.  This means you'll be able to translate things like online menus or local event pages with just a long press and a tap!

Inspired by Google's new AI-powered features? 

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