Instagram introduces private livestreams for close friends

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Instagram is expanding its live streaming capabilities with a new feature that prioritizes user control and fosters a more intimate experience. This update, rolling out globally, allows users to host live broadcasts exclusively for their curated "Close Friends" list.

Previously, live streams were open to everyone on the platform, public or private account followers depending on the user's settings. This new feature offers a significant shift, transforming live streams into a more private space akin to a group video call.

Imagine co-hosting a live session with up to three other Close Friends, or using the platform for a virtual study session with classmates. The possibilities extend beyond simple interaction – influencers can share exclusive content with their most dedicated followers, fostering a deeper connection and a sense of community.


Image: Shopify

This update aligns with Instagram's recent emphasis on user control and privacy. In the past few months, the platform introduced features allowing users to manage who sees their grid posts and mute interactions from those outside their Close Friends list.

By prioritizing a more curated and secure user experience, Instagram is catering to evolving user preferences and the desire for a more intimate online space.

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