Get answers from your Notes with Notion’s latest AI Q&A tool


Notion's latest AI Q&A tool lets you get answers from your Notes: Quickly find information and insights within your documents.

The latest breakthrough in AI for businesses seems to be a seemingly simple yet crucial application: swiftly locating information amidst the chaos of files, folders, attachments, and various enterprise software applications that define today's knowledge work. Notion is at the forefront of this innovation with its new feature, Q&A. CEO Ivan Zhao describes it as an all-knowing AI executive assistant, proficient in quickly retrieving any information stored within Notion.

Accessible to all Notion users, whether individual or corporate, Q&A is priced between $8 and $10 per person monthly. This tool shares similarities with Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Duet AI, Dropbox Dash, and Google’s NotebookLM. The challenge it addresses is straightforward yet complex for AI: effective information retrieval.

Notion's Q&A blends search engine capabilities with chatbot intelligence. It can find specific information like the office Wi-Fi password or locate broader categories like onboarding templates, provided the data is within Notion. To ensure reliability, all responses from Q&A are linked to Notion pages, preventing the creation of false information.

The tool also handles more ambiguous queries. In a demonstration, Zhao used it to find articles by a specific author and inquire about companies not recently covered. However, the tool's effectiveness is tied to the data it can access. Notion is exploring ways to integrate more data sources, acknowledging the challenge in doing so.


Image: Notion

Another complex aspect of Q&A is managing access and permissions within a company. Notion has to ensure that users can access necessary information while restricting sensitive data. In a demo, Zhao showed how the tool responded differently based on user permissions, effectively handling sensitive queries like employee performance plans.

Notion's existing AI tools, focused on generative writing and note-taking, have gained popularity. Q&A represents a step towards addressing the other critical aspect of modern work: navigating the overwhelming amount of information we encounter daily. While it may not be the most glamorous use of AI, replacing traditional files and folders with efficient AI-powered search and retrieval could be incredibly beneficial for many.

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