ChatGPT now available without account creation

Open AI

OpenAI opens up ChatGPT without sign-up. Experience AI's capabilities hassle-free. No account needed to explore the chatbot.

As of April 1st, OpenAI announced that you no longer need an account to use their popular ChatGPT platform! This means anyone curious about artificial intelligence can now jump right in and start experimenting with ChatGPT's capabilities.

Previously, users had to sign up for an OpenAI account to access ChatGPT. Since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has become a phenomenon, attracting millions of users and solidifying its place as one of the fastest-growing services ever. OpenAI offers paid subscriptions for access to other advanced features and products like DALL-E 3, which still require accounts.

While account creation is no longer mandatory for basic ChatGPT use, there are some benefits to having one. Accounts allow you to save and review your chat history, share your conversations with others, and even have voice-enabled interactions with ChatGPT.


Image credits: OpenAI

OpenAI boasts over 100 million weekly users across 185 countries using ChatGPT. Traffic tracker SimilarWeb shows ChatGPT remains the most popular AI chatbot website, with an estimated 1.6 billion visitors in February. This is despite Google's rival chatbot Gemini gaining traction. However, ChatGPT's traffic has dipped slightly compared to its peak of 1.8 billion visits in May 2023.

OpenAI emphasizes that they've implemented "additional content safeguards" for this account-free experience. While they haven't specified the exact categories being blocked, it suggests they're working to maintain a safe and appropriate environment.  The option to opt out of your ChatGPT activity being used to train future AI models remains available, regardless of whether you have an account.

It's important to note that this account-free access applies only to ChatGPT. Other OpenAI products, like the new AI voice cloning tool Voice Engine and the video creation platform Sora, are still in limited beta and require special access. These aren't included in the perks of having a regular OpenAI account.

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