How To Write Your Elevator Pitch In Under 30 Seconds with Neil Gordon

Elevator pitches don’t have to be hard to write. Today we’re featuring Neil Gordon, a communication expert, speaker coach, and marketing enthusiast who has taught me how to craft elevator pitches in a matter of seconds with his powerful framework that he will share today. Whether you’re enrolling your team members into a new process, convincing your CEO to see your ideas, getting hired for a new job, or speaking in a virtual event, this simple framework will get your audience to seriously consider saying yes to your vision, if not run towards you asking you how they can be apart of what you’re building.

I’ve known Neil for over a year now and have been blown away by his communication frameworks that I’ve seen work for anyone in any industry, especially tech leaders who are trying to get an important message across. We’ve kept today’s episode pandemic-related for those who are trying to shift your message to what we’re currently experiencing, so please sit back, listen, and enjoy 😉

Find Neil Gordon and His Silver Bullet Formula Online:

• To access Neil’s Silver Bullet Formula for your elevator pitch, visit: Neil Can Help
• Website:  Neilcanhelp.com

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