How To Be A Better Learner By Embracing Confusion with Jesse Farmer

What if confusion and discomfort was a clue that you’re on to something really good? I got a MUCH deeper appreciation of the art of teaching and leading from today’s episode. We’ve got Jesse Farmer on the show today, and he’s bringing ways of thinking that are packed with NOT more knowledge of how to do things, but rather a goldmine of timeless wisdom in the way you’re teaching and leading your people. We talk about how learning is an important facet of leading and developing people, the gift in discomfort and confusion when you are learning something new, and how to learn better, faster, both from a leader perspective as well as a student perspective. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in 🙂


“If you can train yourself to get excited about why you’re confused, you’ll win.” @jfarmer @bandofcoderss

Find Jesse Farmer Online:

• Website: 20bits.com

• Quora:  Jesse Farmer

• Youtube Video Referenced In This Episode.

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