Newsletter Oct 15, 2021

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Newsletter - Band of Coders

Facebook Messenger Releases Cross-App Group Chats

Facebook Messenger has released a cross-app feature allowing users to have group chats across Instagram and Facebook DMs.

Newsletter - Band of Coders

Squadpal Helps Teams Find Meaningful Ways To Connect With Each Other

SquadPal is a new app that has been created to make remote work more fun for teams, allowing them to have fun social interactions with each other, playing games, taking quizzes, etc.

Newsletter - Band of Coders

Instagram is testing a new feature to alert users of service outages

After experiencing technical difficulties over the past weeks, Instagram’s developers decided to start sending notifications to users when the service goes down.

Newsletter - Band of Coders

Apple wants to encourage elementary school students by creating a coding guide

The company has been creating resources to help educators and families introduce coding to students early on. Their latest guide is called “Everyone Can Code Early Learners”.

Our client's perspective:

Newsletter - Band of Coders

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This week's advice is from our client, Jack.

Hear Jack Calhoun, Founder of SmokeBloq, talk about his experience of working with Band of Coders.

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