X set to introduce peer-to-peer payments and AI enhancements in 2024


Image: Bastian Riccardi

Elon Musk's ambitions for transforming X, formerly known as Twitter, into an all-encompassing app are gaining momentum. The company recently unveiled its roadmap for the upcoming year, emphasizing AI-driven experiences and the introduction of peer-to-peer payments.

X has been actively working to obtain the necessary licenses for payment processing, with licenses in 14 U.S. states as of today, reflecting steady progress. Elon Musk envisions X users sending money to one another and potentially offering high-yield money market accounts on the platform to incentivize users to keep more of their funds within X.

The X blog post revealed plans to launch peer-to-peer payments in the coming year, aiming to enhance user engagement and unlock fresh opportunities for commerce, likely connected to X's other features like creator revenue sharing and online shopping. The company also pledged continued investment in creators, content partnerships, original content, ads across the full sales funnel, and brand safety.

Brand safety has been a concern for X advertisers in the past, prompting the platform to make adjustments. The announcement indicated that AI would play a role in X's future, mentioning its chatbot Grok as an example. AI will be used to enhance the user experience, refine search capabilities, improve advertising, and deepen customer insights.

Additionally, xAI, Elon Musk's AI company, will contribute to consumer-facing features, including the "See Similar Posts" and "See Dissimilar Posts" functions, aimed at broadening perspectives. X highlighted its achievements over the past year, including the launch of long-form video, audio and video calls, job search tools, expanded Communities, and various creator-focused initiatives. Users have engaged with these features, watching over 130 years' worth of lengthy videos and participating in 10-minute average-length calls.

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