Uber experiments with a new service for hiring drivers to run your errands

Uber tests a new service for hiring drivers for errands: Conveniently outsource tasks and streamline your day-to-day activities.

Uber is testing a new feature called Uber Tasks, which allows users to hire drivers for household chores and projects. This initiative, aimed at diversifying Uber's services beyond ridesharing and delivery, is set to start as a small-scale pilot in the upcoming weeks in Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta.

As Bloomberg first reported, this development follows their earlier discovery of a "Chore" option hidden in the Uber app's code. Uber Tasks is designed as a digital marketplace where users can post various tasks, targeting Uber's network of drivers and couriers who can choose to participate in this program.

Uber spokesperson Conor Ferguson shared with The Verge that the pilot program will include tasks such as assembling furniture, clearing snow, doing laundry at home, packing and unpacking, setting up holiday decorations, cleaning yards, maintaining gardens, and mowing lawns. Uber's drivers and couriers can view these available tasks, along with the estimated earnings, and reserve the ones they wish to complete. "We’re always exploring new ways to offer more earning opportunities through Uber," Ferguson explained. "This pilot represents our latest initiative to enable drivers and couriers to utilize their skills and earn flexibly."


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This move comes as Uber reports its second profitable quarter in a row for 2023, yet faces slow growth. The company has been seeking new revenue streams, including launching a flight booking service in the UK and integrating video ads into its apps.

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