Pinterest debuts body type ranges feature in the US

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Pinterest's body type filter debuts in the US, helping users search for fashion and wedding ideas based on diverse body types.

On March 11th, Pinterest announced the official launch of their body type filtering tool in the US! This exciting feature, which was being tested in Canada last year, allows users to find styles that flatter their figure more easily.

As part of this launch, Pinterest is also highlighting size-inclusive brands on their search landing pages. This means you'll see options from Eloquii, Ganni, and many more alongside your search results.

Using the tool is simple. Just type in your search term and look for the "Body Types" option. From there, you can choose from four different body type filters displayed at the top of the search results. If you find a body type you like, you can even save it for future searches by selecting it twice.


Image credits: Pinterest

For now, this feature is focused on women's fashion and wedding ideas. However, Pinterest is excited to share that they saw a significant increase in user engagement (66% higher per session!) during the testing phase. They're also planning to expand the tool to include men's fashion later this year.

So how does it work?  Pinterest uses their own special technology (imagine super-smart image recognition) to analyze the billions of images on their platform and categorize them by body type.  This, along with other inclusive features like skin tone and hair pattern filters, helps ensure everyone feels represented and can find styles they love on Pinterest.

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