DoorDash implies tipping could affect food temperature upon arrival

DoorDash implies tipping could affect food temperature upon arrival: Understand how your gratuity may influence the delivery experience.

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DoorDash has introduced a new notification within its app, alerting customers that choosing not to tip might result in longer wait times for their deliveries. The alert, which was spotted in a tweet that has since been removed, pops up when a user sets the tip amount to zero during the checkout process. It reads:

"Orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered — are you sure you want to continue? Dashers have the freedom to select which orders they want to fulfill. Orders that are slower to be accepted by Dashers often lead to delayed delivery."

This initiative seems to be DoorDash's way of informing customers that their delivery drivers, known as Dashers, are more inclined to accept orders that include a tip, as these are more financially rewarding. Jenn Rosenberg, a spokesperson for DoorDash, mentioned that this prompt is part of a test aimed at enhancing the experience for everyone involved in the DoorDash community.

The test isn't running in all areas; it was seen by a DoorDash user in New Jersey but not by another in South Carolina. The company emphasizes that while customers are still free to choose whether or not to tip, the absence of a tip could make the order less attractive to Dashers, potentially leading to longer wait times and a diminished delivery experience.

DoorDash is committed to delivering a high-quality service with every order, regardless of tipping. This new prompt is being trialed in various U.S. markets, and DoorDash plans to evaluate the outcomes of this test and gather community feedback before deciding on a broader implementation.

The concept of pre-tipping is a relatively modern aspect of the gig economy, although tipping itself is a well-established practice in the United States. Customers might plan to tip in cash or add a generous tip after delivery, which remains an option in the DoorDash app.

DoorDash's payment system for couriers, which now ensures that drivers receive 100% of their tips, was revised in 2019 after criticism over its previous tipping policy. Now, orders without tips are displayed at a base rate, which varies from $2 to $10 based on various factors like time, distance, and order desirability. This change means that Dashers are more likely to choose orders with visible tips over those without, as the tip is guaranteed in addition to the base pay.

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