Individual coders can now access GitHub’s AI-enhanced chatbot


Individual coders can access GitHub’s AI-enhanced chatbot: Copilot Chat assists with coding questions directly in software.

Today, GitHub, under Microsoft's umbrella, is expanding the reach of its AI-driven coding assistant to a broader audience. Initially introduced in public beta for enterprise users in July, GitHub recently declared that its Copilot Chat tool is now accessible in public beta for individual GitHub Copilot users on platforms like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

The Copilot Chat feature enables users to interact with an AI helper while they code. GitHub highlighted in a blog post, "Both developer teams and individual coders can now leverage GitHub Copilot Chat to familiarize themselves with new programming languages or frameworks, address software glitches, or seek straightforward answers to their coding queries, all within their integrated development environment (IDE)."


Image: GitHub

For those interested in trying out this feature but aren't subscribers yet, GitHub offers an individual Copilot tier priced at $10 monthly or $100 annually.

AI-driven coding aids are gaining traction in the tech world. For instance, Google introduced an AI coding assistant specifically for Android developers.

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