Why you should care more about user experience and design

The hype behind the mobile app seems to have largely cooled. From the exciting days of “there’s an app for that” to the oversaturated market in which we now find ourselves, the trend of mobile development seems to have moved away from innovation addressing challenges to an industry that favors quantity to quality. The importance of user experience and design is something that many businesses undervalue or outright neglect when developing their mobile solutions, and it shows.

The difference that quality UX and UI can make is profound, and something that Band of Coders fully stands behind. This knowledge and commitment to excellence has earned us the respect of industry analysts, our clients, and has even helped us become recognized on Clutch as one of the top software developers in Atlanta. Our success in the industry and our experience with our clients has shown us a number of reasons why your user experience and design matter so much.

If users don't like your website, they won't use it

For many digital solutions, the primary objective is to attract users and convert them into customers. It may seem self-explanatory, but the primary ways for that to happen are if your users are repeat visitors or if they spend a considerable amount of time on your app. And the short and simple of it is that if clients don’t like your website or app, they won’t use it.

There are several UX and UI factors to consider in order to avoid these pitfalls. Perhaps the most important step to take is to ensure that the UI for your website is optimized for desktop and mobile users. Nothing is more frustrating than needing to navigate a website on your phone and discovering that half of the elements are unresponsive on the mobile platform. Save your users the grief and ensure that they can use your platforms and enjoy your services regardless of the platform on which they access them.

Make it easy to use and easy on the eyes

We have established that your goal is attracting users to your app or website and keeping them there, but how do you do that? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your users will stick around is to make your platform a nice place to be. Before they even notice how your website or app works, they will notice how it looks, and first impressions matter. Pages should include pleasing visuals, which appeal to the eye and serve as an easy way to demonstrate a level of care and effort.

One important thing to consider when incorporating visuals into your digital platform is to keep them simple, especially when it comes to mobile platforms. Band of Coders’ prudent use of clean and simple visuals in our mobile solutions is something that helped us earn recognition as one of the top mobile app developers in Atlanta.

Make yourself just as accessible as your content

If the primary purpose of your platform is to drive conversions for your business, it stands to reason that you should make your contact information easy to find. And this goes beyond the typical “contact us” tab. Make sure that your email, phone number, and all relevant social media accounts are placed front and center for your users, regardless of whether they want to reach out to you, they should never have to wonder if they have the option to.

Transparency and accessibility are important for any industry, and they are incredibly easy to deliver for your users and clients.

Quality UX and UI are factors that all of the best mobile app development companies consider for their solutions, and regardless of your experience or expertise, they are factors to which you can always pay more attention. Demonstrating a high level of consideration for your users is one of the hallmarks of a top firm, and it is something that your clients will notice and appreciate. Even small changes can make a world of difference.

By Band of Coders

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