Why is software testing so important? Here are 5 reasons

Software testing helps you determine whether your product is successful, free of bugs, and ready to roll out. Software testing may seem like a hassle, but if you want to create a successful product, you can’t afford to skip this stage in the process.

Software testing is important because it:

  1. Saves money.
  2. Boosts quality.
  3. Enhances security.
  4. Improves customer satisfaction.
  5. Helps sell your product.

Let’s take a closer look at how software testing can help your product.

1. Software testing saves money.

At first, it may not seem like software testing saves any money. It certainly costs money to run tests and/or hire testers. But software testing helps you find and fix any bugs early on. If you wait to fix these bugs until later, it will cost you significantly more, because the older and more complicated the code is, the harder it will be to change.

2. Software testing boosts quality.

As you test, you’ll discover parts of your product that could use improvement. Whether it’s making a certain feature more user-friendly or preventing bugs, testing will help you refine your software and ultimately create a better product.

One thing you should test for is compatibility, in other words, does your software work seamlessly with different devices and operating systems? Testing can help you improve compatibility and create a more usable product.

3. Software testing enhances security.

Any time software collects sensitive information from users, there’s a risk that that information will be leaked or stolen. But by testing the software for vulnerabilities ahead of time, you can minimize the risk of that happening, thereby creating a safer product.

4. Software testing improves customer satisfaction.

One of the most important things for your product to be is user-friendly. By helping you fix bugs, smooth out glitches, and assess compatibility with other devices, software testing makes your product as customer-friendly as possible.

If your goal is to get people using your product, then a first impression is crucial. When people have one bad experience with a product, they’re hesitant to give it another try. But if your software is user-friendly from day one, you’re more likely to get people using it.

5. Software testing helps sell your product.

If you’re searching for investors, or even just people willing to give your product a try, software testing can help bridge that gap by convincing people that your software works. As part of software testing, you’ll create a report showing what you’ve tested for, which problems you’ve found, and how you’ve resolved them. This proves to potential investors that you’ve thought through all the possible issues and that your product is capable of succeeding.

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